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A lockdown Portrait project


Out- Standing

May/June 2020

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For many people, 2020 will be remembered for one thing. Staying at home to save lives.

Watford Museum, Watford Borough Council and JamPondPhotography created a project to capture some of the faces of the lockdown.

The idea: To photograph residents of Watford staying safe and getting through COVID-19, creating a visual record that will become part of the town’s history.


How were photos taken?

Photographs were taken of people standing in their doorways. Volunteers were found through a couple of local Facebook groups and of course, by word of mouth.


What happened to the results?

Participants received a digital copy of the photo(s) as a thank you for taking part.  Images are displayed at exhibition at the Museum and will go into their archives to remember what Watford at home looked like during Lockdown 2020.


How do I get involved?

Unfortunately, photoshoots finished on 14 June - but you can still see the results displayed at the Museum (open on Saturdays only).


Any questions about Watford Out-Standing should be directed to the photographer - email


Stay well.






Chained Door


More photos will be added to the gallery below.

Pictures form the content of an exhibition/display at the Watford Museum (visits are available on Saturdays only from 17th October)


All images will also be added to the archives of Watford Museum.


And as a thank you, people posing for the project will also be sent digital copies of the results. 

(Please note that copyright of all photos remains with Jampondphotography)



Thanks for submitting!

For any additional questions contact:

Marcus Jamieson-Pond

Project Manager

07525 823006

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